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Lucy 2 Release Date! When it will go out

Lucy 2 movie release date, has the new movie been approved? Will Scarlett Johansson appear in the new movie? In this article, we will give detailed information about the future of the Lucy 2 movie.

Lucy 2 Release Date!

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Is Lucy 2 Coming Out?

Today I will share with you up-to-date information about the Lucy 2 movie. Lucy is a science fiction, action and adventure movie about what would happen if the human brain used one hundred percent. A total of 400 thousand votes were cast on the IMDb site for the movie Lucy and received a score of 6.4. Judging by the comments and interactions on many Forums, blogs and social content platforms around the world, there is a large audience that wants the Lucy 2 movie to come out.

When Will Lucy 2 Release?

Lucy 2 Release Date
Lucy 2 Release Date

It turned out that “Luc Besson wrote a script for the sequel”. However, a few days later, Besson denied this himself and stated that it was ‘fake news’ and stated that ‘Lucy’ did not plan to work on any sequels. Although it is not a near date in my opinion, the Lucy 2 movie will definitely come.

The most optimistic release date for Lucy 2, which has not yet started an official study, will be 2024 or 2025. When I get an official statement and any information about the movie, I will share it in the comments section of this video. That’s all the information I’ll give you as a result of my research. Do not forget to comment. Take care of yourself. Bye.

List of Movies Like Lucy;

The movie “Lucy” is a science fiction action movie directed by Luc Besson and starring Scarlett Johansson. If you are looking for sci-fi and action-themed movies similar to “Lucy“, here are 10 movie suggestions:

  • Limitless: This movie, starring Bradley Cooper, tells the story of a man who can use the full capacity of his brain thanks to a pill.
  • Inception: Directed by Christopher Nolan, this movie follows the complex heist story of a team of thieves with the ability to penetrate the unconscious.
  • The Matrix (The Matrix): This cult sci-fi film blends action and philosophical themes as a computer programmer named Neo discovers that the real world is actually controlled by an artificial intelligence.
  • Transcendence: Science fiction and thriller elements come together in this film, which is about the events that occur as a result of an artificial intelligence expert transferring consciousness to a computer program.
  • Ex Machina (Ex Machina): This movie, which tells the experience of a computer programmer to test whether a robot with artificial intelligence has consciousness at the human level, draws attention with its clever editing.
  • Ghost in the Shell (Black Tree): In this anime adapted, Major, a cyber agent, is drawn into a story that questions the boundaries between humanity and machine.
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film is about a robot boy’s quest for humanity and emotional bonds.
  • Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction action movie about a soldier living the same day over and over again and the war with aliens in this movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

These recommendations appeal to those looking for sci-fi and action-themed movies similar to Lucy.


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