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Annihilation 2 Release Date! When it will go out?

Will 'Annihilation', which pushes the boundaries of science fiction, fascinate you in the second episode? Is 'Annihilation 2' returning with new mysteries and discoveries? Details are in our news!

Annihilation 2 Movie

I will share with you the release date, news and current information about the movie Annihilation 2 with the original name of Annihilation 2. Annihilation 2 is one of the beautiful productions that marked the first episode of 2018. Annihilation, which is a good movie for action and fantasy lovers, is a very successful movie among recent films.

Annihilation movie

Annihilation is a 2018 science fiction thriller movie. Directed by Alex Garland and based on the novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer, the film follows the adventures of a group of scientists to explore a mysterious region, “The Shimmer”.

The movie begins when a biologist named Lena decides to take her place and explore the area after her husband goes missing in a mysterious area called The Shimmer. The Shimmer is defined as a modified space that appears normal from the outside and exerts strange effects on the nature and life forms within.

Lena enters The Shimmer with her crew and encounters mysterious and threatening events in the area. Creatures living in the jungle, strange vegetation, and events that distort reality affect the team both physically and mentally.

Annihilation stands out as an extraordinary science fiction movie. It surprises the audience with its complex themes, psychological tension and a story full of surprises. Visual effects, atmospheric soundtracks and actor performances are also supporting elements of the movie.

When will Annihilation 2 come out?

Annihilation 2
Annihilation 2

The movie Annihilation was a movie that told the story of an anomalous landmass formed when an unidentified meteorite from space crashed into a region of America and the five scientists tasked with observing it. The faces of moviegoers, who asked if the new episode of Extinction 2 would come, were turned to the producers who had to answer.

There is a new news about the movie, which has not been announced for a long time. Alex Garland stated that he has no intention of making a sequel to one of the best movies of this year, Extinction. When there is a new news about the movie, I will share it in the comment section of this video. Take care of yourself. Bye.

Movies like Annihilation.

While it’s hard to find a unique and deep sci-fi thriller like Annihilation, there are some similarly themed productions available. Here are some movies similar to Annihilation:

Ex Machina: Written and directed by Alex Garland, this movie is about an artificial intelligence robot created by a billionaire. The film focuses on psychological tension and ethical questions while exploring the concepts of intelligence and consciousness.

Arrival: Beginning with the arrival of a spaceship to Earth, this movie tells the story of a linguist trying to understand how aliens communicate. It attracts attention with its temporal elements and deep layers of meaning.

Under the Skin: This sci-fi thriller is about an alien presence hunting humans in Scotland. The film has an abstract and mysterious atmosphere and reflects on the understanding of human nature.

Solaris: This 1972 film by Andrei Tarkovsky tells the story of a psychologist who consciously studies the behavior of a planet aboard a space station. The film explores universal themes such as humanity, love and loneliness.

Stalker: Another movie by Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker tells the story of three characters who search for “The Zone”, a place where the wishes of people who enter a region come true. This movie, too, is a thought-provoking sci-fi experience.

These films are similarly themed productions with complex concepts, mysterious atmospheres and deep stories. While they may not fully capture the uniqueness of Annihilation, they can offer viewers extraordinary and thought-provoking experiences.


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