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John Carter 2 Release Date? When it will go out ?

Is John Carter returning? Does the John Carter 2 movie offer a new journey to different worlds? Are John Carter's adventures starting again? Here's All We Know!

Is John Carter 2 Coming Out? When it will go out ?

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Is John Carter 2 Coming Out?

The fact that neither the producers nor the scriptwriters have given an explanation for this legendary movie, which is highly appreciated by science fiction adventure and action lovers, is very upsetting to people. It was released in 2012 as John Carter of Mars. The budget of the movie is $263.7 million and its box office revenue is $284.1 million. This movie hasn’t done a good job in terms of profit.

John Carter movie story.

The movie “John Carter” is a 2012 American science fiction film. The film is adapted from the “Barsoom series”, the first book of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel “A Princess of Mars”.

The film tells the story of John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), a former Confederate captain who has just come out of the American Civil War and is no longer tied to anything. Carter accidentally gets transferred to Mars, a world the natives call “Barsoom”. Gravity on Mars gives it superhuman powers.

Carter is reluctant to face the complex social and political conflicts she is involved in on Barsoom, but she nonetheless helps her efforts to bring peace between the different races on this planet. Among these races are the Zodangas and the Heliumites. At first, Carter tries to escape this situation, but then he is persuaded by the beautiful princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) and decides to help her.

The main theme of the movie is John Carter’s attempt to balance between his past in his own world and the new life he has acquired on Mars, and at the same time trying to save this new world. The film combines elements of action, adventure, romance and science fiction.

When Will John Carter 2 Release?

Many cinema news sites are told that the filmmakers did not dare to spend money on the new film, as this film was a loss in terms of the box office.

John Carter 2 movie film
John Carter 2 movie film

In our opinion, this movie should definitely come, but because money is involved, the producers are not willing to shoot the second movie. In fact, with a good introduction, the new series of this movie may come. In short, the future of the movie remains uncertain. As new news about John Carter 2 comes in, we will announce it here.

Movies like John Carter.

Some movies that combine sci-fi, action, and adventure elements like John Carter include:

  • “Avatar” (2009): Directed by James Cameron, this film chronicles the conflict between the natives of an alien planet and humans, and the story of a human being to embrace and defend their way of life.
  • “Star Wars” Series: This legendary movie series includes various stories set on different planets and galaxies. Fans of John Carter’s fantasy and adventurous side will also love the Star Wars series.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014): This Marvel movie features stories and colorful characters set in various planetary and star systems. It carries both action and comedy elements.
  • “Dune” (2021): Based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name, this movie chronicles the conflict between different planets and empires in the distant future.
  • “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017): Another Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok, you may love the action and adventure set in a fantasy universe.
  • “The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004): This movie tells the story of an anti-hero set in different parts of space and encountering alien races.

These films are similar to the themes and genres of “John Carter”.


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