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Horror Movies Recommendation List 2023

These movie recommendations represent different horror subgenres and offer fascinating experiences for horror lovers.

Horror Movies Recommendation List 2023

Horror Movies List. Netflix 2022 Recommendations. Thriller movies, horror movies list, horror movies 2023.

Among the movies listed, there are horror movies that reflect reality. Thus, you can watch the movie as if it is a real story by choosing the horror movie that suits your movie style. Moreover, since some of the stories in the movies will reflect the truth, you will feel yourself in a place where there is fear and excitement.

Number 13: The Others. Made in 2001. IMDB Rating: 7.6.

Since Grace lost her husband in the war, they live in the mansion with their two children. Children are sensitive to sunlight. For this reason, the curtains are kept closed all the time. One day, a mute girl, old man and woman come to the house. Grace hires these three people for household chores.

Grace informs the visitors about the children’s condition. Grace’s daughter tells her mother that they are staying with a child. Later, a dense fog covers the place where the house is and contact with the town is cut off. The woman, suspecting that what her daughter tells will be true, begins to suspect the people she takes into the house.

Number 12: Saw. Made in 2004. IMDB Rating: 7.6.

The serial killer in the movie tells his victims the value of life. For this reason, he gave the victims the opportunity to survive by playing some games to his chosen ones. Victims who make every struggle will realize that they will also lose something. The killer finally targets Adam and Gordon. These men are left in the same room. A stranger is lying on the floor in the room. This man lying on the ground looks like he committed suicide by shooting himself. While the people there are trying to understand what is going on, the killer will either kill the two of them or one of them will die at the end of the given time.

Number 11: Deep Red. Made in 1975. IMDB Rating: 7.6.

Jazz pianist and Marcus Daly, who witnessed the bloody murder, begin to investigate the cause of the mysterious murder they witnessed. The number of murders started to increase day by day. Daly follows a path by making a connection between the problem he has experienced and the murders committed.

Trying to find out who the murderer is as a result of the troublesome situation and murders he has experienced, Daly tries to find the way to the murderer by going through many mysterious processes. To reach the murderer, the mystery-filled puzzle must be solved and the connection established. Daly, who connects himself with the murders, solves the murder by experiencing moments of horror.

Number 10: Get Out. 2017 Made. IMDB Rating: 7.7.

Chris is a happy black man in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Rose. Chris goes to a mansion to meet Rose’s family. Chris soon notices something strange in this house. Black people in the house are disappearing one by one. A black person living in the house advises Chris to run away from this house. Chris will want to get out of this house, but it will be harder than he thought.

Number 9: The Making of Evil Dead 2 (1987). IMDB rating: 7.8.

Full of blood and brutality, the movie is about Ash and Linda’s struggle for survival. Ash and Linda, who lived through the worst nightmare of her life and turned into a demon, struggled to survive with the adventures they lived. In the game, the professor’s daughter, his partner, and the mechanic’s girlfriend, who want to spread evil to the world, are also included in the game.

Number 8: Halloween. (1978) The Making. IMDB rating: 7.8.

The movie begins with 6-year-old Michael Myers and his older sister attending Halloween. Michael Myers kills his sister on Halloween night. Michael Myers, who escaped from the mental hospital 15 years after killing his sister, later returned to the town of Haddonfield to kill people again.

Number 7: Shaun of the Dead. (2004) The Making. IMDB score: 7.9.

Deciding to save his life by getting rid of all the events that have made his life in death and mess, the man first begins to plan how to win back his girlfriend, whom he used to love. Later, the man will want to mend his bond with his mother. But on an unexpected day, North London is overrun by zombies. As a result of zombies killing people, the streets started to fill with dead bodies.

Watching all these events, Shaun strives to save the people he loves. First, Shaun believed that if they went to Winchester, they would survive. To do this, they take their mother, Liz, Pete, and Ed to Winchester to survive in a challenging adventure. But Shaun kills his mother after being bitten by the zombie. This movie is in the horror-comedy genre.

Number 6: Dawn of the Dead. (1978) The Making. IMDB score: 7.9.

Ana is a very nice nurse. The young woman working in the hospital returns to her husband after she finishes her shift. Having a good time together, Ana is shaken the next day when her husband is killed by her next-door neighbor. The woman, who comes back to life after waking up, notices the increasing number of zombies in her neighborhood. Escape from the house after the invasion of zombies

The moment the woman comes to her senses, she encounters other people who want to get rid of the zombies.

As a result, people begin to seek safety in the mall on how to get rid of zombies. Other people who want to survive have come to the mall. What they need to do to survive is to stick together. Because the world we live in is about to be ruled by people who have died, people have no choice but to stick together and take precautions.

Number 5: Let the Right One In. (2008) Making. IMDB score: 7.9.

Let The Right One In, directed by Tomas Alfredson, is about the vampire movie. It tells the story of a 12-year-old boy living alone in a town in Sweden and their relationship with the girl who moved to their apartment. Despite the fact that the 12-year-old boy realizes that the girl has become a vampire over time, he establishes an intimate relationship with the girl and continues to increase the bond between them.

Number 4: The Exorcist. (1973) The Making. IMDB rating: 8.

While filming a new movie, Chris Macneil notices that his 12-year-old daughter, Regan, is acting strangely after a while. The father, who takes his daughter to the doctor, tells the doctor that there may be a temporary damage to the girl’s brain. But what happened to the girl has never been seen before. As a result of the tests, it is determined that the 12-year-old girl does not have any health problems.

However, the girl still continues to act strangely as a result of the examinations. Then the strange movements of the girl will become more and more and the little girl will start to tremble excessively. After shaking, Regan will make strange noises and act out for no reason. The father was helpless in the face of this situation. The father takes his daughter to Father Merrin after the incident. This person detects that the devil has escaped into the girl. Then the family desperately tries to get out of the girl’s situation.

Number 3: Rosemary’s Baby. (1968) The Making. IMDB rating: 8.

Rosemary’s Baby is about the couple Guy and Rosemary who want to be famous. The couple went to New York and rented an apartment. The couple, who are strangers to New York, get used to the Cstavet couple in their building. Rosemary suspects this as this couple is quite hospitable. But her husband is not aware of this yet. As Rosemary gets very agitated, she dreams that she is raped and pregnant by someone disguised as a demon.

Number 2: Jaws. (1975) The Making. IMDB rating: 8.

The film tells the story of a team that marries killer sharks in a coastal town. Amity Island is a small resort town and families visit here to have a good time. This seaside town has been frequented by sharks lately.

Authorized people hide this situation to earn money from people who come for vacation. One day, after a child is killed by sharks, the public wants to investigate the situation. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie has been one of the most influential and widely spoken productions of entertainment cinema over the years.

Number 1: The Making of The Thing (1982). IMDB score: 8.1.

Norwegian scientists chase after a wolf in the icy lands of the Arctic. Scientists have managed to come up to the American Antarctic with their struggle. But scientists died as a result of a mysterious event at this research base.

American scientists go to the crime scene and try to solve the mystery. As the scientists approach the base, they find something startling. The men who find the body will take the body with them for autopsy. But what the scientists find is going to be startling for them.

My list ends here. Stay with love, bye 🙂


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